Trade customers

Bespoke services

Let yourself be guided by Louisiane’s expertise. All our team are fully at your service and ready to listen, advise, and suggest the services best suited to your needs and desires.

Customer service

Listening, advising, following up

Our sales team, present all over France, and our Louisiane customer service are on hand to advise you when you are ready to purchase your mobile home to provide the information you need on the products best suited to your requirements, and to confirm your order and inform you of the delivery timetable.

3D support service

Your idea, our recommendations

Lousiane partners with you to help you blend your models into their environment and enhance the unique identity of your home park. We provide recommendations on how best to integrate the mobile homes on your pitches, and blend them in with the environment.
Our 3D tools allow us to confirm the installations with you on a digital scale model, to suggest landscaping solutions, and most importantly, to communicate on and market your models before the mobile homes are actually installed.

Bespoke services

Creativity, originality, innovative solutions

Louisiane leverages its expertise and know-how to implement your ideas:

  • Specific interior decoration
  • Bespoke interior design
  • Innovative concepts

From outward appearance to bespoke models, Louisiane produces the mobile home that suits your needs and personality, and will allow you to stand out and attract your customers.

Transport service

Making things go smoothly

Louisiane’s logistics team is at your service to help you organise transport to the site of your choice in optimal conditions.

Installation and stabilisation service

End to end service

We have selected partners across France on the basis of their experience and their expertise, who can offer an end to end service. This guarantees that your homes will be installed to the highest quality standards.

After-sales service

A diagnostic and a fast and efficient solution

The Louisiane after-sales team is on hand to ensure follow-up services, under guarantee or not and to help you install and maintain your homes. A single after-sales operator will follow your request from end-to-end, whether it be for on site operations or spare parts orders: phone (33) (0) for technical assistance all year round.

Refurbishment service

A new lease of life

Louisiane mobile homes are built to last. After years of use, however, they may need freshening up. We can offer bespoke refurbishment services, either for specific items or for the entire home.
This means you can extend the lifespan of your Louisiane models or make them easier to sell on.